Your new Dining Hall revenue center

Phood provides universities an opportunity to generate profit while enhancing dining services for students.

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Create a new profit stream

Students are already using delivery services every week and universities aren’t seeing a penny of that revenue. Phood gives schools a tool to capture a large share of that profit at no cost to the school itself.

Keep students and staff safe during COVID-19

Our solutions allows students to receive food from the safety of their dorms or homes and avoid dining halls or long pick-up lines. We believe that students should avoid as many situations as possible where they may put themselves in harms way. Learn more about our COVID-19 efforts here.

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Deliver the 21st century services that your student body demands

Students are using food delivery apps on their phones 3-5 times a week already. Phood provides technology that fits the university business model as well as their student’s eating habits.